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Evergreen the Rescue

Evergreen the Rescue For those of you that have been following us on Instagram – you have probably seen some photos and short stories about Evergreen, the newest four legged member of our family who we rescued from a shelter in Washington. Well I wanted to tell you more about our experience, how well she […]

Black Beetle Bug Book Launch

We had our fantastic Black Beetle Bug book launch at The Salem Public Library this September. Publisher Gina Ochsner shared the Underdog Press vision to serve the inspiring underdogs out there who’ve been told, “No.” Author Kim Kailuweit and illustrator Diana Smith talked about their creative process as individuals and working together as a team. […]

Did someone say tongue twister?

Have you ever had creativity give birth while out on a walk with your kiddo? The Black Beetle Bug emerged from such an occurrence. Liam, my four year old son bent down and inspected a black beetle bug crawling inside the crack of a sidewalk. I said to him, “Look at the black beetle bug,” […]